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  • Humpty Dumpty is an award-winning magazine for children ages 2-6. It promotes the healthy physical, educational, and creative growth of young children through interactive activities and stories. The colorful pages are designed to engage and educate early learners to read, see, and do. Inside you will find:

    • Easy-to-read stories and poems
    • Fun games, puzzles, and learning activities
    • Positive learning, social, and health messages

    In the current issue:

    • Pinky the Pig goes skiing!
    • Learn how to make stovetop popcorn!
    • Make a cute Valentine craft for a friend!
  • Jack and Jill is an award-winning magazine for children ages 7-12. It promotes the healthy educational and creative growth of children through interactive activities and articles. The pages are designed to spark a child’s curiosity in a wide range of topics through articles, games, and activities. Inside you will find:

    • Current real-world topics in articles in stories
    • Challenging puzzles and games
    • Interactive entertainment through experimental crafts and recipes

    In the current issue:

    • Learn about different New Year celebrations around the world!
    • Build your own stethoscope—using items from around the house!
    • Get to know the Kid President! From meeting celebrities to his new book on being awesome, Robby Novak gives Jack and Jill the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a 10-year-old YouTube star. Be sure to check out his recent video about making 2015 awesome.