Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, and Jack and Jill
Announce Winners of 12th Annual U.S. Kids Cover Contest

Indianapolis (May 31, 2012) — Today, U.S. Kids magazines—Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, and Jack and Jill—announced the winners of the 12th Annual U.S. Kids Cover Contest. Designed to stimulate creativity and promote art programs in schools across the country, children ages 3-12 were encouraged to submit entries fitting with the theme, "What you wish you could see from your window."

First-, second-, and third-place prizes were awarded for each of the three magazines. The winners were chosen by a panel of professional illustrators in consultation with U.S. Kids staff. First-place winners will be featured on the covers of the July/August issues of the respective magazines as well as on the U.S. Kids website, http://www.uskidsmags.com/. Second- and third-place winners will be featured in the pages of the magazines and online. In addition, all winners will receive cash prizes for their school's art program: $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $500 for third place.

The 12th Annual U.S. Kids Cover Contest winners are:

    Turtle, ages 3-5
  • 1st Place, Tyler Houk, 5, Newcastle, PA — "A Rocket So I Could Fly to the Moon"
  • 2nd Place, Simona Turovsky, 5, Citrus Heights, CA — "My Princess"
  • 3rd Place, Aaron Zhou, 4, Westborough, MA — "Panda Is My Favorite Pet"
    Humpty Dumpty, ages 5-7
  • 1st Place, Bryan Taniguchi, 7, Arcadia, CA — "Spike the Stegosaurus and Terri the Pterodactyl"
  • 2nd Place, Sean Li, 6, Cherry Hill, NJ — "Sliding Bird and the Ant House"
  • 3rd Place, Vivek Bharati, 7, Cupertino, CA — "Free Birds"
    Jack and Jill, ages 7-12
  • 1st Place, Gordon Su, 10, Milpitas, CA — "Animals Playing"
  • 2nd Place, Eliana DaCunha, 11, Wilmington, DE — "Horse in Window"
  • 3rd Place, Cecelia Groshek, 10, Milwaukee, WI — "Pet Dinosaur"

"Every year we are stunned by the talent and creativity of U.S. Kids readers across the country and we were once again astounded this year," said Corey Michael Dalton, U.S. Kids editor. "It is crucial for students to have exposure to art and opportunities to expand their creativity. We hope our contest helps to keep art programs in schools and in the lives of children."

The U.S. Kids Cover Contest has been helping to keep art in children's lives by awarding $25,000 to school art programs over the past 11 years.

For more information about the 12th Annual U.S. Kids Cover Contest as well as the next contest, please visit http://www.uskidsmags.com/artcontest/.

About U.S. Kids magazines: Turtle, Humpty Dumpty, and Jack and Jill, are published by the nonprofit The Saturday Evening Post Society, based in Indianapolis. U.S. Kids magazines encourage children to strive for excellence and are designed to promote academics, personal fitness, medicine, and science among all children in a format that is entertaining, engaging, and educational. For more information please visit, http://www.uskidsmags.com/.