Paws Inc.

Cartoonist Jim Davis' company, Paws Inc., located near Albany, Indiana, was founded in 1981 to handle the creative end of the Garfield licensing business. Today, Paws is the sole owner of all copyrights and trademarks for the Garfield property, and controls not only the creative angle of the fat cat's flourishing empire, but also the licensing, marketing, and brand management of Garfield and the Garfield characters.

Visit Paws Inc. on the web at garfield.com.

Imagine That!
Art Education

Award-winning author Joyce Raimondo

Imagine That! Art Education, directed by award-winning children's book author, Joyce Raimondo, offers programs and publications designed to spark creativity in children, teens, and adults. Based on Raimondo's Art Explorer book series, Imagine That! leads participants on fun-filled art adventures as they explore masterpieces by Picasso, Pollock, and others, and then try the techniques themselves. Tailored for all ages, Imagine That! offers programs for schools (arts-in-ed), staff development, libraries, museums, families, and internships. Inviting 100 percent participation, popular programs include Express Yourself! Feelings in Art, Go Green! Recycle for Art, and Art Safari! Animals in Art. Each event begins with an interactive picture show, followed by hands-on activities. Drip paint like Pollock or make a mixed up Picasso face. What will you CREATE? Find out why people say Imagine That! workshops were the "Best day of my life!" Visit imaginearted.com.

A leading expert in art education and visual literacy, Joyce Raimondo is author of seven children's books including The Museum of Modern Art's Art Safari and Art Explorers published by Random House. Founding Director of Imagine That! Art Education, her programs and books—designed to spark creativity—have served thousands of budding artists worldwide.

Piggy Nation

Richard Rosser and Shane Sowell are on a mission to rid the world of Piggy Behavior!

After a man stole a parking space from his mother-in-law, Rosser decided something must be done. He came up with the idea for a Piggy Ticket, which led to the creation of Piggy Nation: A Day At Work With Dad, an award-winning children's picture book that focuses on Piggy Behavior in an amusing update of the Golden Rule.

Soon came school assemblies, writing workshops and a full length theatrical production, Piggy Nation The Musical. Followed by a comic strip and chapter book series.

Piggy Products can be purchased at piggynation.com. Books can also be purchased on amazon.com. Educators interested in assemblies, workshops or Piggy Nation The Musical can contact Richard at 818-404-1642 or richard@piggynation.com.

Have A Piggy Free Day!

Kids In Need Foundation

Kids In Need Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1995. The Kids In Need Foundation's mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies nationally to students most in need.

To learn more about teacher grants, the Foundation's programs and discover how you can get involved please Click Here.

Mission Renaissance
The Art of Drawing for Kids

Mission: Renaissance has been teaching children the fundamental techniques of the Great Masters for more than 25 years. Our step-by-step program has successfully educated tens of thousands of children in the essentials of fine art. We are pleased to offer that same program in a vibrant and fun series of DVDs specifically tailored for children.

With these recorded lessons, any child can learn the world-renowned Gluck Method and create artwork that will amaze and delight. This is not another copying, tracing or "paint by numbers" program. In short, these innovative and clear DVDs really teach kids how to draw and paint.

You'll see immediate results as your child progresses, having hours of creative enjoyment while developing skills that will last a lifetime. And we routinely hear stories of astonishment from parents once they see the high quality of their children's artwork.

Call 1-800-430-4278 and order your copies of The Art of Drawing for Kids, and The Art of Watercolor for Kids today!

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Dick Blick

Blick's first catalog originated in 1911 in the form of a small pamphlet issued by the company's two founding partners, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Blick. The warehouse was located in their kitchen and their "shipping department" was the local post office. Their first product was a lettering pen, which quickly became a best-seller.

Thirty-seven years later, sensing a tremendous business opportunity, my grandfather, Robert Metzenberg, purchased Dick Blick from its founders. Although my grandfather was not a great artist, he loved serving artists and had an eye for quality merchandise. Along with Jack Wyatt, my grandfather's hard-working associate and partner, who joined Blick in 1958, the company soon realized triple-digit growth.

Today, Blick Art Materials remains the premier art supply source for professional artists, students, and teachers, and continues to be a family-owned business. What was once a two-person company now employs hundreds of full-time Blick team members.

We think you'll be pleased when you choose Blick. I am tremendously excited about our future and the opportunities it provides for all.

Bob Buchsbaum, CEO
Dick Blick Company

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Jerry's Artarama

Buy with confidence at Jerry's Artarama. Since our first store opened in 1968, Jerry's has always believed in treating customers like family, and that proud tradition continues today. A true resource and advocate for artists in many ways. Exciting events, promoting art sales and providing a directory of over 70,000 materials, free video lessons and more.

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In 2009, Acorn Media Group launched Athena, a branded line of home video products providing a rich and enjoyable learning experience to intellectually curious consumers. These in-depth, yet entertaining, long-form documentaries facilitate the pursuit of lifelong learning. Athena focuses on bringing you programs from a diverse range of subjects, including Every Picture Tells a Story which divulges the secrets behind the world's most famous masterpieces.

To enhance the learning experience and provide viewers with valuable, supplementary information to delve deeper into Athena topics, each program includes a 16- to 20-page booklet with brief summaries of the major ideas, discussion questions, and title-specific content, in addition to DVD extras, exclusive web content, and SDH subtitles. Products are available through the Acorn catalog and at Acornonline.com but Athena programs can also be found at most major retailers. Engage your mind, expand your world with Athena.

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Eco-friendly craft kits

Forrest and Jen, the owners of Artterro, love art and wanted to share that experience with their kids. They searched high and low for eco-friendly, open-ended art projects with beautiful materials, but they were nowhere to be found. So they started Artterro. Works of art composed with Artterro's high-quality materials become treasures artists young and old proudly display. Forrest and Jen want to make it easier for people to bring art into their lives. Artterro kits are for kids, families, seasoned artists, and novices alike. Each kit includes all the materials needed to make a beautiful art project. All you and your child have to do is open one up and let the creativity flow.

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