2009 Humpty Dumpty Cover Contest Winners

1st Place: Super Artist

Congratulations to first-place winner Cody E., age 7, of Pennsylvania! Cody created this submission using colored pencils, and he picked his “artistic powers” for his superhero.

When Cody is not drawing superheroes, “He loves to draw trucks,” his mom told us.

Cody’s other interests include playing baseball, Cub Scouts, camping, and pinewood derby competitions.

“He has even won for his pinewood cars,” added his mom.

Maybe one day, Cody will use his talents to design real cars!

2nd Place: Kindness Riley

Congratulations to our second-place winner Riley P., age 4, of New York. Riley used markers for her entry and said, “My superhero had kindness as her power.”

“Riley draws about three hours a day,” said her mom. “Even when she is outside, she draws with sidewalk chalk.”

Riley also sings, takes dance lessons, and plays with imaginary friends.

“She has a great imagination,” her mom says, “and she loves it when I read Humpty Dumpty to her.”

3rd Place: Angiebell

Congratulations to third-place winner Emma B., age 6, from Ohio. Emma used markers for her drawing of superhero Angiebell, “who saves people from villains.”

“Emma loves to draw,” her mom told us. “She especially loves to draw mermaids. We bought her a dry-erase board, and she uses it all the time. Then when she goes outside, she draws with sidewalk chalk.

Emma also plays basketball and takes dance and piano lessons.

So what does this busy girl want to be when she grows up? A dentist and an artist, of course!