Spending the Night at a Friend’s House

Dear kids,

If I spend the night at another person’s house, I get scared. I have to bring stuffed animals. What can I do to not be scared?

Christine in Iowa

Dear Christine:
I also had to bring stuffed animals and pluck up courage to ask to leave a light on at night. Try to think about tomorrow and how much fun you already had with that person. That might help keep your mind off of thinking about staying at another person’s house.
Anonymous in California

Dear Christine:
My answer and solution would be to bring a night light and think happy thoughts before sleeping. You can also read a nice book, bring a dream-catcher, and watch a funny movie.
From Jiniah in Massachusetts

Dear Christine:
My idea for not getting scared when you sleep over at your friend’s house is to call your mom or dad before you go to bed.
From Addie in Louisiana

Dear Christine:
I get scared at friend’s houses also. What I do is close my eyes and try to go to sleep. I close my eyes because my eyes can’t mistake one thing in the house for a crazy monster. I also try to clear my mind and think happy thoughts.
From Jasmine in Minnesota

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