How Many Miles Can the Average Human Run?

Dear Dr. Cory:

How may miles can the average human run?


Dear Hunter:

There’s no one answer. How far a person can run depends on the person’s body build, mental attitude, and physical condition. But experts agree that sticking with the right training plan helps people run farther and faster than they think possible. “We don’t really know what the human body is capable of achieving,” says Diane Proud. “Often it is a matter of training the brain to overcome barriers—not the body. Members of a tribe in Mexico, the Tarahumara Indians, run up to and beyond 100 miles per day—barefoot or in thin leather sandals! In the U.S., some ultra-marathoners typically run 50- to 100-mile races. When training, they will run 20 to 40 miles a day as they build their strength. Whether training or racing, most runners include short walk breaks to be sure they get adequate food and water.”

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