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Dr. Bennett

How Pirates Really Died

You’d be surprised to find out what killed most pirates. Hint: it’s not swords, guns, or cannon balls.

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How Much Candy is Too Much Candy?

How much candy can you eat in a day? Good question! Dr. Cory has the answer.


What Is Blue?

Read the poem, then search the picture for things that are blue!

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Ladybug Jewelry

With bread, glue, and your own imagination, you can make this adorable jewelry.

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Setting a Good Example at School

Ways to show a teacher that you take their class seriously!


Build a Rocket

This astronaut has lost his rocket ship! Now he’s stranded in outer space and needs your help to get home!

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watermelon popcicles

Empty Calories … and a Watermelon-cicle Recipe!

Instead of eating foods that are “empty” of nutrients, try a snack that’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, or protein.

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New Car Seat Recommendations

We’ve got everything you need to know about the new kids’ car seat recommendations.

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Should I Be Tested for Lead Poisoning?

What’s the issue with lead poisoning, and how much is too much?

Dr. Bennett

Why Do People Have Belly Buttons?

Most people take their belly buttons for granted. After all, what are they good for except trapping lint, sweat, and icky stuff?


Yummy Chums

This snack isn’t just scrumptious…it’s adorable, too.


Sitting Down for a Good Cause [VIDEO]

Watch how one class helped kids across the world, just by sitting down!

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What Is a Virus

Viruses begin growing when they enter the cells of another living thing.

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Sitting Down for a Good Cause

How can kids in the U.S. help kids in Uganda? One class finds out…just by sitting down. Read all about it!

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When Can a Child Switch From a Booster to a Seat Belt?

Most kids can’t wait to ditch their car seats, but the new advisories say there’s no reason to rush it.