Do You Miss Your Mom When You’re at School?

Dear Kids:

When I’m at school I miss my mom. What can I do?

Whitney in Michigan

Dear Whitney:
Sometimes when I miss my mom at school, before school my mom kisses my hand. Then I rub my hand on my heart and the love goes into my heart. If you still miss your mom, try to think of her and it will feel just like you are at home hanging out with your mom.
Natalie from Wisconsin

Dear Whitney:
If you miss your mom at school, make a picture of her and bring it home to her.
Spencer in Wisconsin

Dear Whitney:
Have your mommy kiss the palm of your hand. Put the hand on your cheek when you miss her.
Sophia in California

Dear Whitney:
I miss my mom when we are apart, too. Sometimes, to make me feel better, she packs a note or a picture in my lunch. It always makes me feel happy and makes my day brighter. And, be sure to give her a big hug every day when you see her after school. You’ll both feel great!
Natalie in Tennessee

Dear Whitney:
Just have fun. Then the time will pass quick and you’ll get home to your mom.
Alisha in Ohio

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