Shark’s Very Bad Toothache

Shark had a very bad toothache. He tried rinsing his mouth with Super Duper Minty Mouthwash for Sharks. But his tooth still ached. He would have to call a dentist. Shark shivered right down to his tail. You see, Shark had a secret: He was afraid of dentists, with their sharp, pointy instruments. But Shark had no choice, so he called Dr. Gentle at Dolphin Dental.

“Dr. Gentle speaking. How may I help you?”

“This is Shark,” he replied. “I have a very bad toothache. Can I come to your office tomorrow morning?”

“Of course,” said Dr. Gentle. “I can see you at 9:00 A.M.”

“Thank you,” said Shark. “Good-bye.”

“Good-bye,” Dr. Gentle said, trembling. You see, Dr. Gentle had a secret, too. He was afraid of sharks, with their sharp, pointy teeth.

Shark did not sleep well. He had dreams about dentists.

Dr. Gentle didn’t sleep well, either. He had dreams about sharks.

When Shark arrived at Dr. Gentle’s office, he was greeted by Miss Octopus. “Welcome to Dolphin Dental,” she said. “Dr. Gentle will see you now.”

“OK,” said Shark, “but I must tell you … I am afraid of dentists.”

“Well, that’s interesting,” Miss Octopus replied. “Dr. Gentle is afraid of sharks. You’re the first one he has treated.”

Miss Octopus led Shark to a dental chair and fastened a bib around his neck. Just then Dr. Gentle came in.

“Hello, Shark,” he said, trying to appear calm.

“Hello, Dr. Gentle,” replied Shark, trying to sound brave.

Dr. Gentle picked up a dental tool and began to tremble.

“Wait!” said Shark. “I want you to know that I don’t bite. I’m a nurse shark, and I eat from the ocean floor.”

“Whew!” said Dr. Gentle, wiping his sweaty brow. “And I want you to know that this will not hurt. I am a very gentle dentist.”

“Whew!” said Shark, wiping his sweaty brow. They both smiled.

“Open wide,” said Dr. Gentle. “Oh, my … you need to brush more often.” He put medicine on Shark’s gum and pulled the achy tooth.

“Thank you, Dr. Gentle,” said Shark. “I didn’t feel a thing!”

“This is for you,” said the dentist. He gave Shark a Super Duper Toothbrush, some minty toothpaste, and a pack of Big Fish Fun Floss. “Remember to brush after every meal and floss once a day.”

“I will, Dr. Gentle! Good-bye!” called Shark as he swam away.