Ted, Ed, Caroll, and the Happy Snowman

One winter day, Ted, Ed, and Caroll were going for a walk.

“Check out our snowman!” cried the squirrels. “Isn’t he the most handsome snowman in the world?”

“Yes, he is!” said Ted, Ed, and Caroll.

“Look at my snowman!” said Bear. “Isn’t he the biggest one you’ve ever seen?”

“Oh, yes,” agreed Ted, Ed, and Caroll. “He is the giant of all snowmen!”

Ted, Ed, and Caroll wanted to make their own snowman.

They patted and matted and batted the snowballs.

They rolled and nudged them.

“Wow!” Ted said when they finished. “We made a great
snowman, too!”

“We sure did!” agreed Ed and Caroll. “And our snowman has the happiest smile in the whole world!”