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Paper Bag Piñata

This pinata is really easy to make. Ask an adult to help you create one for your next party!

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When To Treat A Fever

Even low fevers kill off many viruses and bacteria. But they can make kids miserable. When should fevers be treated?

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Preventing Cavities

Do you know how cavities form? Find out here!

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What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is an infection that makes the air tubes to your lungs become swollen and irritated.

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How do You Get Chickenpox?

What causes chickenpox? Read here to find out!

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Weather Words

Can you be a meteorologist and find the eight weather-related words hidden in this puzzle?

Pen in Hand
The-Race-feature image

The Race

“Pen in Hand” author Ashley wrote about running, because it’s something she loves to do.

08-09 Old Snore art 2

Old Snore!

Old Snore is the laziest dog around—until a nasty-tempered cat moves into the neighborhood!

Meteror Max

The Lost Meteoroid

Check out this cool “Pen in Hand” story sent in by one of our readers!


Teddy’s Bear

By Amy A. Anastasia Art by Michael DiGiorgio It’s almost Valentine’s Day—a time to share delicate flowers, heart-shaped treats, and fuzzy toy animals with your loved ones. One of the most popular special gifts to give and receive is a

hot chocolate

Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate

Warm your belly with a glass of healthy homemade hot chocolate. The most important ingredient for this tasty recipe is milk. It provides a good source of vitamins, calcium, and protein so you can have healthy bones and teeth.


A Fish

Sometimes a fish is just the right pet, though scaled rather than furry, and always quite wet.

dad and girl

Cold Winter Warm Thoughts

“Are you OK?” asked Daddy. Our car had slid off the country road into a snow drift. A white world surrounded us–the snowdrift on my side, and the wall of blowing snow on Daddy’s.


Rhyme Time

By Diane Primm McClellan Art by Michael Palan        


Choosing a Pet

Last Thursday, Mother told me that I could get a pet. I must’ve named a million; she hasn’t liked one yet! Moms says a baby elephant will take up too much space.