Eating from the Different Food Groups

Learn to choose foods from every food group!


How to Prevent Plantar Warts

What are plantar warts, and how can you prevent them?

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Skin Bumps on the Arms and Legs

What are those little bumps on my arms and legs?

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Soft Drinks vs. Water

Stay hydrated with water instead of soft drinks.


Seasonal Allergies

Why we get allergies and what to do about them!

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Eating and Drinking After Stomach Illness

Often the best thing to do after vomiting is to let the stomach rest and start slowly with clear liquids.

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Are You Having a Plaque Attack?

Read how you can help to prevent plaque from attacking your teeth. Then be a tooth detective to see if you can find plaque hiding on your teeth!

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Fire Safety

What do you do when you are in a fire? Read these important fire safety tips to find out.

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Head Lice

How do you get head lice and what can you do to prevent them?

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Are Tomatoes Fruits or Vegetables?

How can a tomato be a fruit? Find the answer here!

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Olympic-Inspired Playground Games

Have the Olympic games inspired you and your friends to create some Olympic-style activities? Read here for fun playground ideas!

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Mosquito Bites

Why do mosquito bites itch and how can you help to prevent them? Read here to find out!

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“Sleep” in the Eyes

What is that sand-like stuff that collects in the corners of your eyes while sleeping? Read here to find out!


Going for Gold: Interview with an Olympic Gymnast

Jill recently caught up with former Olympic gymnast Samantha Peszek, whose team won the silver medal in 2008.

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Underarm Hair

A reader feels self-conscious about underarm hair.